Join the Society


  1. Have a minimum GPA of 3.2.
  2. Have completed at least 18 semester hours of Spanish, including one course in literature (Spanish 339, 441, 451, etc.) or culture (Span 345, 355, etc.). Spanish Challenge Exam credits may count as part of the 18 hour requirement. If you are currently enrolled in your first literature or culture class, we invite you to apply NEXT semester.
  3. Be committed to the encouraging, understanding, and appreciating of Hispanic cultures in the English-speaking world.
  4. Pay the one-time initiation and national membership fee of $35 (payable with the application for membership).

Step 1:
Complete this online form and pay the one-time membership fee of $35 through the form.

Step 2:
Expect an email notifying you of your acceptance and providing information about the induction ceremony.